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About me

My passion is creating software and websites in which users experience real time saving and convenience. Years of experience and creativity together with knowledge in computer science and communications allow me to deliver fast, secure, scalable, and unique solutions.


Each project gets scheduled wisely. If needed, the design or development is partially outsourced (fully monitored). I'm not looking for an office job, unless you have something really interesting (not just $) to offer.


Databases? Reports? Setting up domains? Servers? Security? Responsiveness? SEO? Load balancing? CDN and Cache? Transactions? I'll handle everything. With my unique design patterns and well-selected tools, I'll nail your application asap.


I partner with several successful designers. I guarantee good looks from day one, as I've learned lots of the designers' secrets. I take design and UXUI seriously, use great material design and am deeply inspired by other successful applications.

My experience

Websites & SaaS

2009 - Present (10 years)

Handled sites and services for schools, academies, non-profits, communities, businesses and individuals.

Creation of scalable services, handling various types of needs: Registrations, interactive forms, client management, emailing, campaigns, online shops, digital signatures and invitations.

Have worked with: GOOL, JCT, Pardes, Rimonim Band, many high schools in Israel (including branches of Bnei Akiva, Amit, Zvia, Horev and others), Vida, Melabev, Idan, Zmashu, and Erez Adar Computers, Rishumon Project.

Desktop software

2013 - Present (6 years)

Creation of "super tools" for secretaries, managers and moderators. Handling all aspects of the software from scratch all the way through a user-friendly, signed installation.

Certifications and Courses

BA in Computer Science @ JCT (current)

3rd place Hackathon @ L&T

Elementor Developers Course

Entrepreneurship Program, JCT

UXUI & WEB Developer courses:
@ Udemy @ Linked in - learning @ Purple.thinkific @ PixelPerfect

Web, Networking & Project design mentor @ Greatminds Hackathon (Lev) and [email protected]

Private and group tutoring in fields of: Fullstack Web, security and computer science courses

Development Skills

Server side LAMP: Linux, Apache, PHP Python, MySQL, C, C++ and bits of node.js

Java Script + JS frameworks


Bootstrap and other responsive frameworks

PC desktop - (C# VB.NET)

Optimization, Accessibility and CDN setups

Api integrations, Mail delivery

Media - Sound And Audio, Production

Both WordPress Elementor or Native PHP, OOP

English and Hebrew שתיהן כשפת אם

How we Engage

Keeping it simple | Setting up expectations

I need to be passionate about your idea, or at least about the technology or ideals behind it.
If I don't believe in your idea or feel like I can honestly represent it to another person, I won't take it on. On the other hand, I might like it, but yet introduce you to the "why reinvent the wheel" question. I may possibly be the bad guy who shows you "it already exists." (But don't worry; if you insist, we will find a way to make it unique.)

Do you think you have something valuable to discuss? Step 2

Choose two out of three: What, How or Why (If you know all three, you don't need me...) I'll complete the rest. We'll schedule draft time, delivery time, final fix-ups date, expectations et cetera.
I will offer different varieties of tools, frameworks and mindsets to get the job done, each with its own tradeoffs. I'll help you make a decision that best fits your needs and budget.

If we're at this stage, you have entrusted me with your project. I'll be getting the job done while taking care of aspects you probably don't notice or care much about. However, as a developer, I feel obligated to keep the system secure, stable, backed up, responsive, accessible, while adding a modern touch. And did I mention that I love CACHE?

Give me a job that takes one hour. Within 59 minutes, I will craft a tool that gets it done in one minute.

~ Me, and the mindset of all my nerdy friends

Some of my projects

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